Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition, the specialised healthcare unit of Danone, will serve as a partner in the implementation stage of the Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) project, the EU-led initiative intended to help older Europeans enjoy a more active and healthy life. The announcement was made by Emmanuel Faber, Chief Operating Officer Danone, speaking in Brussels at the plenary session of the event “European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing : From Plan to Action”. Mr Faber has served on the Steering Group of the AHA project since May 2011. Responding to an Invitation for Commitments extended by the EU, Nutricia will join a partnership of interested stakeholders, drawn from professional and patient associations and from industry, under the co-ordination of the European Nutrition for Health Alliance (ENHA). This partnership will make a joint commitment to become part of an Action Group to address one priority identified in the Strategic Implementation Plan of the AHA—a specific action for the Prevention of Functional Decline And Frailty. As an active member of the partnership, Nutricia will join the effort to standardise and embed the practice of routine nutritional screening and follow-up for older patients in hospitals and care homes in the EU, and to stimulate research and pilot projects to study the benefits of screening and follow-up in the community, for older persons living independently who may be at similar risk. “As people age, their ability to lead active and independent lives and to recover from health setbacks is often compromised by frailty due to inadequate nutritional intake,” according to Flemming Morgan, President of Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition. “In many cases, this issue can be prevented or mitigated when screening protocols are correctly implemented for patients at nutritional risk. Healthcare systems across the EU should make it a priority to recognise and manage the problem of undernutrition for older people in their care.”