The Government has announced new measures for funding care to ensure that the elderly and those with disabilities get the care they need without facing unlimited costs. The new measures include: from April 2017 a cap on care costs, which gives everyone the reassurance that they will have a level of protection, if they have the most serious needs and incur very high care costs. If someone is assessed by their local authority as having eligible care needs, they will be told how much it will cost the local authority to meet those needs with local services. These costs count towards their cap. So, however great a person’s costs become, once they have reached the cap the state will step in and provide financial support. David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, said: “The cap is a huge step forward and gives more certainty for people in meeting the costs of care, and will help care providers to plan the right services for those who need it. But this is only one part of the solution to our care crisis. We need housing, health and adult social care services to work closer together as early as possible, which can dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of older and vulnerable people.”