Sudden cardiac arrest is now the country’s biggest killer. Despite remarkable reductions in vascular heart disease, it kills 100,000 in the UK each year. Heart experts at the recent Heart Rhythm Congress (HRC 2012) in Birmingham called for increased NHS and Government focus on the detection, prevention and treatment of heart rhythm disorders to put an end to thousands of preventable deaths. Professor A John Camm, Professor of Clinical Cardiology at St George’s Hospital, London, said: “The cardiac arrest suffered by professional footballer Fabrice Muamba introduced millions to the potential impact of heart rhythm disorders. Often without warning, cardiac arrhythmias can cause sudden cardiac death, which is the UK’s leading killer. At this year’s HRC 2012, we’re calling for an increased government focus on heart rhythm disorders and that cardiac arrhythmia should be a clear priority in the soon-to-be-drafted Department of Health’s Cardiovascular Outcomes Strategy.” Arrhythmia Alliance Founder, Trudie Lobban, said that despite their huge prevalence in the UK, awareness about arrhythmias lags significantly behind other conditions among both the public and medical profession. As a consequence patients often do not get the treatment and the support they should.