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GM digital editions

GM now publishes digital issues every other month. New issues are available exclusively to our newsletter subscribers for the first month.

March/April 2021

Exclusive early access for newsletter subscribers

The March/April issue includes articles on cutaneous manifestations of Covid-19, ageing skin, shingles, psoriatic arthritis, bullous pemphigoid and much more.

January/February 2021

Frailty and Nutrition

The January/February edition includes articles on Covid-19 and delirium, the role of arts in stroke rehabilitation, malnutrition and frailty, and Covid-19 and nursing homes.

November/December 2020

Heart and Diabetes 

The November/December edition includes articles on heart failure, diabetes-related diseases, hypoglycaemia, fatigue, aortic stenosis, atrial fibrillation and Parkinson's Disease.

September/October 2020

COVID-19 and Health Inequality

The September/October edition includes articles on dementia and driving, BAME healthcare workers and Covid-19, DNR-CPR communication issues and what influences how we age.

Autumn 2019

Fuel poverty: a significant cause of preventable ill health

This edition from Autumn 2019 includes articles on confusion in the older patient, management of anemia in patients with chronic heart failure, and alcohol and substance abuse in the older population.

December 2018

Motor neurone disease: a clinical overview

Includes articles on making a difference to patients with frailty, factors influencing length of stay for hospitalised elderly patients, and improving mortality for cervical spine fracture.