Medical imaging company IXICO and leading British developer of neuropsychological tests, Cambridge Cognition, have been awarded a grant from the Government-funded Biomedical Catalyst to allow them to build and test a prototype national dementia early diagnosis service with the potential to provide a paradigm shift in diagnosis and care. The project aims to demonstrate in its initial phase next year that time to diagnosis can be cut by an average of 15 months, and if deployed nationally from 2014, can raise diagnosis rates themselves closer to the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge target of 80%, which is a doubling of the current average rate. GPs will refer patients who need further assessment for possible dementia to one of two Brain Health Centre types—one based in a hospital Memory Clinic (located at The Maudsley Hospital, part of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust), and the second a mobile community based service, which might be parked outside local health centres ensuring convenience for patients and their families. GPs will have already ensured that only patients who need further investigation are referred to the Brain Health Centres by using Cambridge Cognition’s new CANTABmobile™ software on an iPad, which, in less than 10 minutes, differentiates between patients with normal and abnormal memory. Patients attending a Brain Health Centre will receive an MRI brain scan and a more detailed cognitive test on an iPad, the secondary care version of the CANTABmobile™ medical software. Innovative computer algorithms based on machine learning will analyse the brain scans to precisely assess signs of brain shrinkage, and combine this with an assessment of blood vessel damage in the brain and the CANTABmobile™ results. The resulting report gives a clear, easy-to-follow traffic light call to action for the Brain Health Centre staff to communicate back to the patient’s GP. The advanced technologies by IXICO and Cambridge Cognition provide a decision support tool for early diagnosis of dementia, by providing easy to understand, actionable information for healthcare providers, including GPs, leading to rapid treatment and support for British dementia patients—that can add 18 months to independent living.