Robert Francis QC recently published his Inquiry report into Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. His Inquiry followed concerns about standards of care at the Trust. The Francis report challenges the NHS at all levels. Many of the failings in care described in the report affected old and vulnerable patients, according to Professor Paul Knight, British Geriatrics Society (BGS) President. He said: “Policy, regulatory, organisational, funding and professional lessons must be learnt. There must be an immediate focus on what we know will improve quality. Central to this is the need for health professionals to demonstrate clinical leadership. They should be advocating for patients and their carers, challenging poor practice and embodying good practice. No doctor or nurse should assume that failings in basic care, safety or dignity are someone else’s problem and all should speak out when they see neglect or poor care. This extends to clinicians in senior leadership roles in hospitals who should have a clear focus on the care delivered on wards and experienced by patients and their families.”