drunkWorld Ovarian Cancer Day is May 8 and people across the world are encouraged to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. This year the theme is Know Now and the campaign will run April 25 through May 8. Everyone is encouraged to share knowledge and life experiences based around ‘if I knew then what I know now…’ These words of wisdom will be shared along with key information about ovarian cancer – what women need to Know Now!

“World Ovarian Cancer Day is a unique opportunity to work in partnership across the world to spread the word about ovarian cancer and change the course of this disease” says Annwen Jones, Chief Executive of Target Ovarian Cancer based in London. “When we create a global conversation on World Ovarian Cancer Day, we vastly increase the reach of information about symptoms, risk factors and prevention to those who most need it.”

“In its fourth year, World Ovarian Cancer Day has become a major event and has grown considerably in momentum and reach. This year more than 100 organisations from 32 countries will unite to spread the word and create one voice for every woman,” says Elisabeth Baugh, chair of the World Ovarian Cancer Day international organising committee and CEO of Ovarian Cancer Canada. “As we move through life many of us pause to reflect on what we would have done differently ‘if we knew then what we know now.’ We hope to have hundreds of thousands of people participate in this campaign to share their wisdom and in doing so, tell the world about ovarian cancer.”

As the 5th most common cancer among women, each year, around 7,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and over 4,000 die from the disease annually. Statistics show that just 45% of women with ovarian cancer are likely to survive for five years compared with 89% of women with breast cancer.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer are often confused with less serious conditions such as gastrointestinal complaints. Symptoms include:
• increased abdominal size / persistent bloating (not bloating that comes and goes)
• difficulty eating / feeling full quickly
• abdominal or pelvic pain
• needing to pass urine more urgently or more frequently.

To show support for World Ovarian Ovarian Cancer Day this year, UK organisations will come together to share what they Know Now. Words of wisdom will be shared on teal* ‘sticky notes’ on a virtual Wall of Wisdom, via social media and through community-based activities in local areas. 

GM will be publishing a special report supplement on Ovarian Cancer to coincide with the Awareness Day. Click here to find out more.