parkinsonhubWorld Parkinson’s Day 2013 sees the official launch of theparkinsonhub ( an innovative, interactive resource for patients and carers. Developed by Britannia Pharmaceuticals, it aims to share the latest news and best practice about Parkinson’s disease (PD), with an emphasis on and around mid to late stage PD.

This is accompanied by the launch of the complementary PD Quality of Life interactive resource (, which enables people with PD to identify and understand those areas in their life most impacted by their condition. They are then empowered to have a more informed discussion about their well-being and unique needs with their healthcare professionals (HCP).

At the heart of theparkinsonhub and the PD Quality of Life resource is the recognition that no two people’s experience of PD is the same. However, with the right support and information it is possible for those with PD to live with confidence and control. Both have been designed in conjunction with HCPs to help provide this information and to be an external resource that HCPs can confidently direct their patients towards.

In addition, theparkinsonhub provides a comprehensive overview of PD including the nature of the condition and information on available treatment options.