Peter Sayer reports from the 2018 American Geriatrics Society annual scientific meeting, Orlando, Florida.

Dr Leff’s presentation was entitled: “Look Homeward, Medicine.” It focused on the growing population of home-bound older adults, describing the spectrum of home-based medical care services and innovative models changing both where and how we age.

The presentation discussed the role of quality registries in measuring and rewarding value-based care. Leff said that if hospital at home was a pill, it would be a blockbuster drug with numbers needed to treat to prevent mortality being 50. He also added that long-term care, for 80% of Americans, takes place in the home.

“One day we will be able to order IV antibiotics and oxygen online and have them delivered by a drone to a patient in need at home. I believe homebased care will be main-streamed in the US,” he concluded.

Ellen Flaherty, AGS Board Chair, said: “Dr Leff has played a critical role in shaping innovative care in a place where it often matters most: at home. He is a model geriatrician and innovator, which reflects the heart of the Henderson Award.”

An internationally recognised leader and researcher in the development, evaluation, and dissemination of novel models of care, Dr Leff’s research interests explore not only where care takes place but also how that care can impact quality of life and well-being, particularly for homebound older adults living with complex health concerns.

Edward Henderson, MD, namesake of the Henderson State-of-the-Art Lecture, was a geriatrician who served the AGS in several capacities, most notably as President, Vice President, and Executive Director for more than two decades.