Happy old peopleLow intensity vibration (LIV) could be used to safely and effectively treat osteoporosis, medical manufacturer LivMD has said.

This follows numerous studies that have revealed the benefits of LIV as a viable treatment for osteoporosis.

Research has shown that LIV delivers mechanical signals to the skeleton. This signal also has a positive effect on muscle function and health, and stimulation of the circulatory system.

Additionally, a 1-year placebo-controlled research study of postmenopausal women demonstrated that low-level vibration effectively inhibits bone loss in the spine and femur, while another study showed that short bouts of LIV increased bone and muscle mass in the weight-bearing skeleton of young adult females with low BMD. A further study in a large group of women over 60 years of age showed a significant reduction in falls and fractures in the group that used LIV compared to a normal exercise group.

LIV works by encouraging the bone to respond to both large low frequency and small high frequency forces. These forces enable the bone to grow and stay healthy.

The device provides a very precise low-level vibration (0,4g), which is transmitted at a high frequency (30Hz) to the person on the device.

Precise LIV mimics the small high frequency forces exerted by muscles onto the bone. This stimulates osteoblast (bone builder) activity while inhibiting osteoclast (bone resorbing) activity.