The Men’s Health Forum has relaunched the pioneering Man MOT service. With over half (52%) of men admitting that they go online to self-diagnose and treat, the importance of reaching men when and where they are already seeking health information is critical. Of the 2,000 online consultations that took place on Man MOT since launch, 57% addressed issues which men had not previously discussed with a healthcare professional. Additionally, one in two men (49%) said that they would use the Man MOT service again and 58% would recommend it to a friend. The need to encourage men to seek trustworthy health advice is more important than ever as 40% of men still die prematurely (before the age of 75) and men are over 35% more likely to die from cancer than women in the UK. One of the biggest threats to men’s health is circulatory disease, which kills more men than any other condition, with men over 50% more likely to be affected than women.