childonlineOlder generations are lacking the skills needed to access online changes to the healthcare system according to a new report.

The report, by Digital Unite- a company that teaches digital skills, says that many older people are not making use of services such as online prescriptions and online GP appointments.

Figures from the last quarter of 2013 show that 6.7 million adults in the UK have never used the Internet with 5.8 million of those being over 55.

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The NHS currently spends almost double on health and care services on retired people compared to those non-retired.

Dick Stroud of Digital Unite says: “It’s vital that we encourage and inspire these millions of older people to get online. The healthcare industry can help by signposting to the many resources that are available – whether it’s a beginners’ computer course at the local library or a national digital inclusion campaign like Spring Online.”

Spring Online takes place between March 31st to April and will offer thousands of sessions to help people get online.