DIFICLIR (fidaxomicin), provides a similar efficacy and safety profile to the current “gold standard” vancomycin, but more than halves the rate of recurrent infection in patients with Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) compared to vancomycin (12.7% versus 26.9%, p<0.001) according to new data. Fidaxomicin is the first new antibiotic treatment to be licensed for the treatment of Clostridium difcile infection since the 1950s. Professor Robert Masterton, Consultant in Microbiology, NHS Ayrshire and Arran commented: “Sadly, CDI remains a common problem in modern clinical practice. What is not well understood by the public is that CDI naturally has a high relapse rate and this in turn is associated with prolonged hospital stays, an increased risk of death and a considerable burden on NHS budgets. This new treatment, fidaxomicin, offers a major step forward in combating the prevalence and impact of this disease since, when compared to current normal therapy, the data demonstrate a very significant reduction in the recurrence of CDI.” There were almost 27,000 cases of CDI across the UK last year costing an estimated £108 million to the NHS in additional bed days for patients staying in hospital. In 2010, the number of deaths caused by CDI in the UK was reported as 2,704.