The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) has launched a new resource for healthcare professionals that aims to improve understanding about safe and effective physical activity and exercise for those with osteoporosis and vertebral fractures.

Strong, Steady and Straight: an expert consensus statement on physical activity and exercise for osteoporosis was developed by the NOS with leading clinical experts and exercise professionals.

It will lead to patients receiving better advice on correct exercises and movements that may strengthen bones, reduce fracture risk and help with the pain and symptoms associated with spinal fractures.

Sarah Leyland, Osteoporosis Nurse Consultant at the National Osteoporosis Society, said: “Research has shown that people with osteoporosis are desperate for more information on exercise and physical activity because they want to be confident that recommended exercises help their bones and are safe for them to do.

"This information is simply not available at present, and people with osteoporosis - who desperately need to do more exercise - are left to figure things out for themselves, make sense of often conflicting advice, or - worst of all - not bother with exercise at all."

The charity is also developing new resources for the public - launching soon - to help them understand how to exercise safely and effectively.