The Brain Tumour Charity has announced £1.5million funding into 10 world class projects across the UK in a bid to understand brain tumours and ultimately cure them. For the 8,500 people who are diagnosed with a primary brain tumour each year in the UK, research offers the only real hope for the future. By understanding how brain tumours grow and develop, researchers can develop more tailored treatments, lessening the damage often caused by the treatments themselves and improving outcomes. The projects selected cover both adult and childhood tumours, as well as the full range of severity of tumours, from low grade tumours through to high grade cancers.

Neil Dickson, Chair of the Research Sub-Committee and Vice-Chair of The Charity, said: "The record number of grants awarded, as well as the level of investment, is in large part due to the recent successful merger of The Brain Tumour Charity and fellow charity Brain Tumour UK. The merger has created the second largest brain tumour charity in the world and the largest in Europe, which will enable us to have a much greater impact in the future for everyone who is living with a brain tumour and the thousands more who are diagnosed every year."

The announcement comes as The Brain Tumour Charity is also preparing to call for submissions from researchers to extend The Charity's Centres of Excellence network. This comes after the successful launch and publication of initial findings from the first centre, the Samantha Dickson Brain Cancer Unit at UCL. The Charity plans to award funding to two further centres before the end of the year.