Eyes 2A number of companies have joined together to form the Industry Vision Group (IVG), which brings together pharmaceutical and medical technology companies with an interest in eye health. The group is focused on overarching policy issues and aims to help secure greater prioritisation of eye health with policy makers and commissioners; and improve access to care, treatment and services for people with eye health conditions.

The group is currently developing its work programme and looks forward to working collaboratively with the eye health community to make progress towards its stated aims.

Richard Marsh, Chairman of the group, said: “I am delighted that both medical technology and pharmaceutical companies with an interest in eye health have come together to form this initiative. There is very little that is more precious to an individual than their eyesight and modern advances in medicine and medical technology means we have taken tremendous steps forward in helping to look after the eyes, and to tackle the causes of visual impairment. The IVG believes that the NHS should give even greater priority to eye care and it is never more important to make this case than at a time when all services are under pressure. We will work both together as companies, and with other organisations representing both patients and practitioners, to ensure that the NHS has a vision for vision that embraces all the potential that medicine and medical technology can bring.” 

Industry Vision Group (IVG):  The Industry Vision Group presently includes seven members: Alcon, Alimera, Allergan, Bausch + Lomb, Bayer, Novartis and Spectrum Thea.  Membership of the group is open to all pharmaceutical and medical technology companies with an interest in eye health, including those at the pre-license phase of development.