The Pain Exchange Buzz Wire Challenge was launched recently to raise awareness of chronic pain and the need to get people talking about it with each other and their GP. By taking part in the conversation at The Pain Exchange—an online forum created by Pfizer—people can talk with others about their pain to find the language, and therefore confidence, to use when talking to their GP. Research shows that more than a fifth of all people who visit their GP report chronic pain and more than a quarter of people affected by chronic pain suffer in silence. Many find it difficult to communicate the experience of pain with their GP, so are not diagnosed and therefore not receiving appropriate support and treatment. Dr Roger Henderson, GP and Pain Exchange supporter, said: “GPs rely on patients to describe their chronic pain so that the correct diagnosis can be made, but the subjective nature of pain and the patient challenges in accurately describing their symptoms mean that GPs find it hard to define, measure and accurately diagnose chronic pain. To add to the pressure on GPs, there is only one pain specialist per 32,000 sufferers in the UK to support the work of primary care.” The Pain Exchange was developed in collaboration with leading patient organisations in the UK. To visit the Pain Exchange and learn more: UKPainExchange