NICE has issued Final Guidance stating that XGEVA® (denosumab) is recommended as a treatment option for the prevention of skeletal related events (SREs), (pathological fracture, radiation to bone, spinal cord compression or surgery to bone) in adults with bone disease (bone metastases) as a result of advanced breast cancer and solid tumours, other than prostate cancer. Denosumab is the first novel bone metastases treatment for advanced cancer patients approved in more than ten years, and has been shown to have the potential to prevent painful SREs for an additional eight months over the current standard of care, zoledronic acid. Bone metastases, the spread of cancer to the bones, are a common and serious concern for patients with advanced cancer and present a significant burden to the healthcare system. The NICE recommendation for denosumab is based on data from three pivotal, phase III, head-to-head trials that evaluated the effectiveness of denosumab versus zoledronic acid at delaying SREs. In these trials, denosumab demonstrated a significant and clinically meaningful improvement in preventing SREs compared to zoledronic acid.