New research presented recently at the European Congress on Obesity in Liverpool, found that dieters using XLS-Medical Fat Binder (Litramine) were more successful at maintaining weight loss over a 24 week period compared to dieting alone. This is the first time research has been presented to demonstrate that Litramine not only helps dieters to lose three times more weight than dieting alone, but successfully prevents weight cycling (commonly known as yo yo dieting) in the long-term.

The 24 week double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study involved 49 overweight and obese adults who received physical activity guidance and nutritional counselling including a hypo-caloric diet plan (a nutritionally balanced diet with approximately 30% of energy from fat). Half of the group received Litramine while the other half received placebo.

The study found that those who used diet alone actually gained an average of 1.62kg/3.6lbs from their baseline weight over the 24 week period. This weight gain was seen in the placebo group from week 12. In comparison, significantly more subjects in the Litramine group continued to maintain their initial weight loss, with a mean body weight difference between the two groups of 2.24kg/5lbs (p<0.001) at the end of the 24 week period.

Helen Bond, consultant dietitian to XLS-Medical Fat Binder explains: "Preventing regaining weight is one of the most difficult dilemmas that dieters encounter, made worse by a return to old eating and lifestyle habits such as binge eating, erratic eating patterns or the slowing down of the metabolism after initial weight loss."