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Osteoporosis articles, news, and conference reports for healthcare professionals

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Doctor handing prescription to patient

Sponsored advertorial: Treating vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency – the importance of prescribing licensed products

Who is at risk of insufficiency and deficiency and what do we need to be aware of when prescribing treatments or offering advice? Read more

Doctor with elderly patient

Sponsored advertorial: Are your osteoporosis patients receiving adequate levels of calcium and vitamin D?

Calcium and vitamin D are essential nutrients for bone health and optimise the effects of other osteoporosis treatments. The Adcal-D3® range provides a selection of calcium and vitamin D preparations. Read more



Call for papers: Osteoporosis

GM invites submissions on osteoporosis treatment in general practice for priority publication.

All submissions are sent for peer review, which takes about eight weeks. All papers that pass this process will be published quickly.

For more information, visit Call for papers: Common diseases.