UCB and The Cure Parkinson’s Trust have launched the “Parkinson’s Well-Being Map™” to help people with Parkinson’s communicate better with their healthcare teams on non-motor symptoms. Non-motor symptoms (NMS) such as sleep disturbance, mood disorders, gastrointestinal problems and pain are a major cause of disability for people with Parkinson’s and their carers. More than 90% of people with Parkinson’s experience NMS which can go unreported to healthcare professionals, because people are either embarrassed or unaware that the symptoms are linked to Parkinson’s disease. However, in many cases NMS are treatable. Recognising that Parkinson’s is a complex and personal condition, the “Parkinson’s Well-Being Map™”, is available for downloading at the website of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. On average one person in every 500 is affected by Parkinson’s disease; that’s about 127,000 people in the UK. It is predominantly characterised by problems with motor symptoms—the most recognisable being tremor. However, the NMS are missed by neurologists in more than 50% of consultations.