Astley CourtNew research from the charity Age UK’s Living Your Way campaign has found that no matter what the weather 3.8 million (38%) people aged 65+ chose being able to potter in the garden as the activity that gives them the most pleasure in life.

The survey from Age UK Personal Alarms found that over one in ten people aged 55 and over (12%) actually felt that they couldn’t live without their gardens.

Gordon Morris, Managing Director of Personal Alarms, says being older or needing extra support shouldn’t deter those in later life enjoying their gardens, particularly in the autumn months when there is so much to enjoy in a garden.

"Many people will be taking to their gardens this autumn to enjoy the balmy weather," he said. "In light of this it is important that nothing prevents them getting outside and enjoying their gardens. A personal alarm can help give older people peace of mind that they are safe when in the garden.

"A personal alarm device will provide users with the reassurance that should anything happen there is always help and assistance at hand should it ever be required. The Age UK Personal Alarm Service provides service 24/7 and enables those in later life to live on their own and retain their independence, whatever the weather."

Age UK offer the following advice to ensure older people stay in touch in the garden:
1. Ensure your garden is well lit. This will help prevent trips and falls
2. Electrical equipment should never be used in wet weather
3. Avoid the garden when slippery from Autumn rain
4. If you’re unsure about tackling a job in the garden, always call in the professionals
5. Carry a mobile phone or personal alarm device with you when outside

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