Prime Minister David Cameron recently hailed a breakthrough treatment which uses nanotechnology to combat crippling arthritis pain in Britain’s nine million sufferers.

FLEXISEQ™ is clinically proven to relieve joint pain and aid mobility by lubricating joints with osteoarthritis – and it has no dangerous side effects. The drug-free gel, manufactured by Anglo-Russian company Pro Bono Bio, is the first over-the-counter product in Britain to use cutting-edge nano-physical science to ease the agony of patients.

Mr Cameron said: “It was great to launch Pro Bono Bio during my trade mission to Moscow in 2011. And it is great that less than three years later this innovative treatment for osteoarthritis sufferers has now arrived in the UK. This demonstrates how UK-Russia collaborations at the cutting edge of R&D can help British businesses expand into new areas, creating jobs and growth here in the UK.”

FLEXISEQ was launched recently in London, where Pro Bono Bio and LloydsPharmacy jointly announced a contribution worth £400,000 to Arthritis Research UK.

John Mayo CBE, Chairman and Chief Executive of Pro Bono Bio, said: “FLEXISEQ is now available through good pharmacists nationwide and we will apply for it to be available from the NHS on prescription during 2014. “We hope the £400,000 contribution to Arthritis Research UK will help pain sufferers worldwide.”

Dr Liam O’Toole, Chief Executive, Arthritis Research UK, the largest funder of research into arthritis in the UK, said: “We know that nearly nine million people in the UK have sought treatment for osteoarthritis, which is a painful and extremely debilitating condition.

“Current approaches to treating this chronic pain are inadequate, and we are interested in the potential of this new drug-free approach.”

A breakthrough in liquid engineering, the innovative new gel is simply applied onto the joints twice daily and left to dry.