A group of senior health professionals have thrown their support behind Self Care Week 2018 urging people to ‘Choose Self Care for Life’ by making health-savvy decisions. 

Support to help people self-manage their wellbeing is behind a drive to personalise care across the country. This is care that responds to what matters to the individual, whether that is staying well, dealing with short term illnesses, or managing complex long-term conditions. It includes social prescribing, health coaching, support to build knowledge, skills and confidence for people who find it difficult to take positive steps, or personal health budgets for people with the most complex and chronic health conditions.

James Sanderson, NHS England’s Director of Personalised Care, said: “Personalised care takes a proactive and holistic approach to people’s health, and crucially, supports those people for whom ‘making better choices’ is not easy due to the environmental and social context within which they live.  By supporting people to have more choice and control we enable them to manage their health and wellbeing in a way that works for them.”

Dr Marie Anne Essam, GP at Pathfinder Practice, NHS Herts Valley CCG, said: “Social prescribing changes people and places for the better. It is such a privilege to be a GP at a time when we can appropriately ‘demedicalise’ aspects of our NHS and see resilience grown on an individual, organisational and societal level.”

Self Care Week is an annual initiative organised by the Self Care Forum to raise awareness about the benefits of self care and what people can do to take care of their health. Its aim is to promote and encourage more self care across communities, families and generations.