The UK faces a shortfall of 61,200 nurses by 2050 due to skills shortages, an ageing workforce and restrictive migration policy, according to Randstad Care, the specialist recruiter. Using employment rates from the most recent European population analysis from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, as a measure of demand, Randstad analysed the projected changes in UK population and working age rate for 2050 to establish the gap between employment demand and workforce supply. The care sector is one of the most severely impacted. Nurses represent 2% of the UK workforce, assuming this proportion remains constant, by 2050, the UK will have a deficit of 61,200 nurses. The care sector in the UK also faces a deficit of 10,600 social workers. Victoria Short, managing director of Randstad Care, said: “No one can question the importance of the healthcare sector and while our projections for the size of the nursing workforce are conservative, they paint a concerning picture for the UK. Unless we can plug the employment gap, the healthcare sector is under threat. If it is unable to perform efficiently, there will be serious consequences, for the country’s health.”