Harry BrownEver had a consumer problem that is proving difficult to solve? I am sure it has happened to most of us at some point and not uncommonly, it can be frustrating trying to resolve it. Sometimes you can be stuck in a telephone queue waiting to speak to a company representative or you may need to send an email (or even a letter) hoping for a helpful response from someone.

Ideally, it would be great to have a way of directly reaching out to a very senior person in the company or organisation who has the authority to solve your problem fairly and quickly. With so many opportunities and services available on the Internet these days, it may not come as a great surprise to learn that there is actually a way of reaching out to the chief executive of an organisation. Thanks to the fantastic website,  https://ceoemail.com/ that hosts a huge searchable collection of email addresses belonging to chief executive officers, it is possible to establish a line of communication with senior management of many companies or organisations.

The site has a fairly basic design and it is easy to navigate and most importantly, it is quite straightforward to drill down to the email address you need. It is surprisingly comprehensive and for non-commercial use, there is no charge and if you are happy with it, consider giving a donation to the site. The site also has good hints and tips on how to best frame your email. 

I have used this site for a number of years and have emailed a number of chief executives of many different organisations and companies. It has not always been to voice a complaint; I have sometimes praised individual staff to their chief executives for outstanding customer service. In the majority of contacts, I have received a reply and in the main, I have been satisfied with the outcome.

In the past few years, I have used the site to solve a number of consumer issues with, for example, mobile phone companies and holiday providers. On some occasions, I have been pleasantly surprised how quickly the complaint is not only fixed but occasionally the solution has sometimes exceeded my best expectations. Even if you don’t have an active issue at the moment; go on and have a look at the site and bookmark it and come back to it when you need it, either to praise someone or lodge a complaint.

This is just one way of solving a consumer problem; let us know if you have any experience of this website or method. Even better, do you have a different solution? If so do let us know by emailing our editor at Alison.bloomer@pavpub.com and perhaps we can share it?


Dr Harry Brown is a GP based in Leeds and is also the Medical Editor of Geriatric Medicine